Weekly Mortgage Rate Forecast

Weekly Mortgage Rate Forecast for the week of June 5, 2023

Forecast for the week of June 5, 2023

Please enjoy this complimentary mortgage rate forecast provided to keep you informed of where interest rates may be headed, and to help you gain the advantage in securing low rates and payments.

Last Week’s Mortgage Rate Recap:
Rates improved

Mortgage rates moved lower last week, first on news that a debt ceiling deal was reached, and then on markets returning to pricing in a Fed rate hike pause in June as multiple Fed officials signaled that the Fed was likely to pause hiking to assess the data.

This Week’s Mortgage Rate Forecast:
Rates could creep higher

This week has very little in the way of economic data, and Fed officials are now in the official blackout period ahead of the Fed meeting next week so there are no Fed speakers. With little information to work with this week, rates could be choppy but shouldn’t move too much higher or lower than where they ended last week. After seeing rates move lower last week though, we could see them creep up a bit this week ahead of next week’s big week of action with inflation data and the Fed meeting.

What’s affecting rates this week:

  • Economic data: There are no big economic reports this week to affect rates.
  • The Fed: Markets are now pricing in a Fed rate hike pause in June, with a strong possibility of a hike to come in July. That is unlikely to change much ahead of next week’s Fed meeting when markets expect to get more clarity on the Fed’s future plans.

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